Customer Fidelity

New customers are 10 times more expensive.

Businesses without integrated point of sales experience problems such as:

Manual integration of sales data

A time-consuming process prone
to human errors.

Poor strategic planning

Marketing campaigns are
less relevant to consumers.

Lack of customer data

No demographics or behavioral
data prevents your business
from maximizing profits.

Keep your customers, turn them into fans.

Fidelidad is an analytics tool designed for customer
retention. It allows businesses to gather customer
data via point of sale integration.

Plan better marketing campaign

Customer data allows your
marketing campaigns to
efficiently target your audience.

Sales integration via analytics

A connected sales network that
saves you time and money.

Serverless = worryless

Cost reduction, scalability,
guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Know what they like

Behavioral data allows you to
know their tastes and buying habits.

Know your customers

Demographics data allows you to
know gender, age and income level.


Increase in profit is attained
if the cutomer retention
increases by 5%.

Bain & Company