Survey Campaigns

Traditional surveys are expensive.

Old, pen and paper methods used to conduct a mass-scale
professional survey often suffer from:

Shortcomings in data

Human errors affect
the transcription from paper
to digital formats.

Lack of infrastructure

Surveys conducted in rural
areas in developing
countries suffer harsh conditions.

High hiring and training costs

Teaching the methodology
needed to keep results
accurate requires a lot of time.

Introducing Claridad

A low-cost, time-saving, data gathering
solution that provides:

Automatic validation

Each answer is checked against:
procedure, previous conflicting
answers, natural flow of questionnaire

Immediate troubleshooting

Any troubled encountered in the field will be followed up immediately.

Data integrity

Blockchain technology ensures the data integrity.

Auxiliary device integration

GPS and internet-of-things devices can be used to collect more data easily.

Reduced hiring costs

Easy to learn UI requires significantly less training than traditional pen and paper methods.


KOICA Paraguay

Successful census of a population of 130,000 with 50% less cost.

KOICA and the Municipality of Limpio had limited time and resources
to conduct a city-wide census to determine the accurate population
in order to enhance the city's health infrastructure.

Claridad solved this by reducing training to a mininum.
New surveyors quickly adapted to the app’s easy-to-use user interface
and used their own smart devices,
which highly reduced the training costs.

The app applied to the field work yielded the following results:

Small number of

Daily reports on
collected data

Full statistics
within 5 days


Good Neighbors Paraguay

A more accurate survey in 5 weeks less time.

Good Neighbors is an international NGO that focuses on child rights
and health. They keep track of children's progress in education and
health periodically. This was done in paper, however, requiring
tremendous efforts to ensure the data integrity.

Coloridad provided a smartphone app that constantly
validates the data input and pair it to the right child.
The training required less than an hour and
significantly reduced any need to re-interview a child
due to false data.

The app applied to the field work yielded the following results:

Less time spent
to collect data

Accurate data

Reduced errors via constant validation

Survey Costs

Per household

Traditional methods




Time invested - weeks

Traditional methods




Data Accuracy

Estimated Population